Blick Rothenberg vs Jericho Writers

A David and Goliath tale.

I’ve been to a couple of Jericho Writers events, and their offerings are simply fantastic. The free stuff alone is very valuable, and it’s one of the few weekly emails I make time to read. Although I haven’t been writing much recently (which huuuurts) their content often inspires me.

So when I heard they had been scammed to the tune of £300,000 I was gobsmacked. The story is unbelievable. That’s a house-worth of money stolen from them, and the firm brought in to check, Blick Rothenberg, didn’t notice?! Let it carry on?! And now won’t do anything about it?!

I suppose they think that a small business won’t be able to take them on. But they are, in their own way. They’ve created a website to tell the story and a YouTube vid as well. I’m linking to them in the hopes it will help them get some money back.

Oh, and find another firm to use/work for. This is just disgusting.

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